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Observing my reactions as a parent through the lens of my childhood experience .

Everyone has a story. This is what makes the world of biography so fascinating. Some choose to tell their story, others protect it and hold it close. I believe it is through the sharing of personal stories that compassion is enhanced and judgement is left behind. Sharing life’s struggles and learning experiences is also a way to bridge understanding and connection.

To know me is to know that I love a good conversation about life. So why not write about it?  There is endless content. Life isn’t perfect,obviously, but it gives us hints, options, circumstance, experience, and people along the way that shape us into who we are.


It helps that I’ve always kept journals throughout my life.  I’ve found in doing so, these are treasure troves of topics to discuss- some more embarrassing than others. Those stories hold my childhood. In this latest chapter,  I’m a mother to two creative, smart, rambunctious boys- ages 12 and 9 and a wife to a New Jersey born head banger turned hunk.

  What I hope you’ll glean from my stories, is while there are always things along the way you can’t control, there are just as many that you can.  We have little to no control when we’re children, this is often the root of some of the most heartbreaking stories going back to the beginning of time. However, once you are an adult, the responsibility to make your life what you want it to be is on YOU. Let nothing get in the way of that. You are FREE.

My upbringing was a stark contrast to the one my husband and I are providing our children. This is a conscious choice. I chose to take the traumatic things that hurt me as a child and a teen and use them to nourish and fuel my greatest responsibility: being a mother.

This is no easy feat and I’m a firm believer that we can all learn from one another and through storytelling.  For me personally, this blog was born from that very idea;the hope that someone going through the present topic at that very moment might think, “I’m not alone in this.”

  Motherhood for me has been full of epiphanies.  I’m not a self-professed expert, but I will be sharing my learnings as they unfold.  While I do see that mortality is not pretend, I hope that from this mid-point of my life there will be many more adventures to experience and share.


  Let’s pave our own way that feels right. Let’s unlearn and take control of our lives – for our children and for ourselves.


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