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Observing my reactions as a parent through the lens of my childhood experience .

Everyone has a story. This is what makes the world of biography so fascinating. Some choose to tell their story, others protect it and hold it close. To know me is to know that I love a good conversation about life. What is equally as enjoyable in my opinion is writing about life. I’m not a “protect it and hold it close” writer. Life isn’t perfect-obviously. But it gives us hints, options, circumstance, experience, and people along the way that shape us into who we are. These condiments on the flavor packed sandwich of life are where all of the good stories reside.


I’ve always kept journals throughout my life and I’ve found in doing so, these are treasure troves of topics and stories just waiting to be unleashed.  I’m a mother to two incredible boys ages 9 and 5, and conveniently, I’m able to peer right into the thoughts I was having (thanks to my journals) as an 8 year old.  My upbringing, however,  is a stark contrast to the lives my children are living.

  While there are always things along the way you can’t control, there are just as many that you can. In my blogs you will see this theme crop up often. My adult life is full of love and I’m right where I want to be in my personal life. For a long time I was unhappy in my professional life and I’ve only recently made a change that is well-suited for me and is sprinkling in more happiness.  Motherhood for me has been full of epiphanies.  I’m not a self-professed expert, but I will be sharing my learnings as they unfold.   And the best part is, I’m not THAT old-  so hopefully there are many more adventures to write about.


  I’m paving my own way that feels right-so tune in while I share my life struggles, wins, and learning experiences through my not-so-normal lens otherwise known as my

Amber colored glasses.