Front pageWelcome to my world!  This is not your average mommy blog. Or should I say I’m not normal? Whatever I’m trying to say- you catch my drift.  I’m marching to my own beat in this world of Momhood and I’m making my own special sauce. But I’m a really bad cook so don’t eat the sauce. Just read about the sauce.  Let’s just say I’m winging this gig and my kids are happy, my marriage is alive,  and I am living a full life instead of existing in it.


 No matter what circumstances you are facing , think of ways to defy the odds that are stacked against you. How’s that saying go? Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it? While there are always things you can’t control, there are just as many that you can. In my blogs you will see this theme crop up often.


Put on some jammies, get the chips, cheese, and salsa out and cozy up because we’re in this unpredictable beautiful thing called parenthood together.   I’m paving my own way that feels right-so tune in while I share my life struggles, wins, and learning experiences through my not-so-normal lens otherwise known as my Amber colored glasses.